Eleven years went by since Percival first stepped upon the curb in New York City and the publishing of his first essay. [1893-1904] We know nothing of these eleven years and probably never will but it is fair to assume that he spent the time training his Self and his Minds. Of course, without proof, assumptions fade away in the light of rightness and reason. The body of Percival’s work certainly proves a trained Self and Minds in real thinking. The question is, can we see this real thinking in Percival’s first essay “Our Message”.

The essay itself tells us nothing new. Percival himself writes us “It is nothing new, the modern philosopher may say, ancient philosophies have told us so.”

The skeptic may say that his essay was just a rehash of what many great thinkers have told us and on the surface this would appear so. Of course real thinking teaches us to not just look on and into the work but also through the work to the real presence beyond and Percival gives us the tools to do this.

The tools of real thinking are easy enough to glean from Percival’s work and the place to start imaging these tools is in the Image Faculty of the Light of our intelligence. Percival gives us seven pertinent words in training the Image Faculty. We see these in “Adapts, Masters and Mahatmas” under “Attitudes and Virtues”. We read. that to call the Image Faculty into use. words. names and numbers should be conceived and their beauty, dimension proportion, and coordination should be seen. Many years ago I read a blurb on a dust cover to T&D stating that the chapter on the “Zodiac and its Symbols” was one of the wonders of the world. I don’t know why he would write “one of” as there are no other wonders that can compare As we begin reading the chapter on the “Zodiac and its Symbols” we immediately come across two corner stone words-Geometry and Symbols. From the study of this chapter it is easy to discern that using the Geometric Symbol in thinking gives us the truest image of any subject.

By extention we can see geometry representing the nature side of the manifested universe and symbols representing the intelligent side of manifestation.

Bringing this all together gives us elegant design in simple and easy to image form SYMBOLS Fig, 1 (a) (b)

We can see all of this now as we review his body of work but the question is, how much of this Fig. 1 do we see in his first work, “Our Message?” Or, do we see evidence of the training of the Image Faculty during those eleven years, in his maiden essay.

This question is answered when we view “Our Message” through the Zodiac and the merid of points and relationships it engenders to contemplate. In evaluating the essay I have used color to show patterns and relationships, other than that the colors just looks nice. Fig. 2 (a)(b), Fig. 3

Interestingly here we can see duality, the one potential attribute of Substance/Gemini in the presence of Manifestation. On the one hand there is the hypnotized Triune Self as the Nogoer, ( my brother tells me not to use made up words, no one will know what I mean) Fig. 2 (a) (b) and on the other hand we see the TS as the Ongoer, Fig. 3. This can be seen as a theam of the essay-the dualities within Man.

Incidentally there is a dual feature within the Ongoer concept. There is the Ongoer as one who is regenerating his fourfold physical body back to its original state and then there is the Ongoer who is upon the “Great Way”, with its regenerated physical body, and manifesting within that physical body the three inner bodies for the Doer, Thinker and Knower. The essay then moves on to the three great pillars of civilization and thought ( my words, ops), those of Philosophy, Science and Religion. Once again the concepts are demonstrated though the background of Duality as the Nogoer and the Ongoer. To continue the theme of Fig.1 we can use the three pillars of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty from “Masonry and It’s Symbols” to image Philosophy, Science and Religion and there use by Man, as written about in “Our Message” by HWP. Here we see the pillars or columns for the ongoer and also for the Nogoer.

These pillars are of the greatest importance especially for the Nogoer. Not just any Nogoer but one who is world weary, one who wishes to rid himself of the weight of the worlds thought, who longs to step off the whirligig and live the inner life. With fearless persistence this Ongoer will be born.

Our newly raised Ongoer marvels at the beauty of the images of his awakening, however, he soon learns, thanks to T&D, that there is a powerful, hidden and obscure way to think and image, one that does not rely on nature-based images.

Below we see this method using Philosophy, Science and Religion as the Equilateral Triangle-the Triad, Fig. VII-G in T&D, and in its relationships to the Zodiac.

See Fig.VII-A in Thinking and Destiny. ###.

As there is no Feeling without Desire there is no Image without Dark, to see “Our Message” as the product of real thinking through the Image Faculty is but half the view, we must also find it in his Dark Faculty. A bit more abstract than the mechanics of the Image Faculty, yet simple enough.

In the July, 1910 issue of The Word magazine under Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas we read some very interesting things about the Dark Faculty. We read about some of the abilities available to someone with a trained Dark Faculty. One of these is the ability to keep another man’s mind from entering the mental world. This is done if the entry would cause an imbalance in the mental world and also “... to check men who train their minds with the object of controlling others”. If we look at the body of Percival’s work we can see a free and unimpeded use of the mental world, apparently no objection from any “Master”. We can also see Percival’s control of his Dark Faculty when we look at it through his life and the four attitudes and virtues that control the use of the Dark Faculty. Fig. 10.

Through the word “sacrifice” alone we can see Percival’s life. And what must be sacrificed in life to remain free in the mental world? We know the answer to be the four human desires and we can sum these up with the word Glamour. Certainly he could have impressed the world and reaped the glamour thereof. During his life, for all practical purposes, he was completely ignored. Even today his legions are statistically extinct. Certainly no desire, on Percival’s part, for any of the glamour of the spheres, worlds, planes or states of matter of the common ground. No desire to control anyone’s mind.

We can see the work of HWP through the controlled Image and Dark Faculties of his thinking. Out of the myriad of words that Percival could have chosen as a keynote word beginning his work, “Power” was the choice. The word appears four times in the first few sentences. In order to fully understand this we must understand Percival’s definition of Power. “ POWER, CONSCIOUS: is desire, which brings about changes in itself, or which causes change in other things.”

With this we can draw the Zodiac of Power and place upon it the four manifested horizontals or concepts of Power as expressed in “Our Message”. Fig, 11.

In the Zodiac of Aataskarana ( I am using a Sanskrit word from T&D for fun ), Fig. 3, we see Precival’s Message.

In the Zodiac of Aataskarana at the sign of Libra /Peace we see the Message of the Message. Fig. 12.

From the introduction of T&D we read “...human bodies have always been subject to death but they die because no reasonable effort has been made to regenerate them. “ the chapter The Great Way, it is stated how the body can be regenerated,...”

At the end of section 7 from the chapter on The Great Way we read “The one whose regenerative breathing has prepared the body for the form breath, which will gradually improve and reconstruct the structure towards perfection and extend the life of the physical body indefinitely.”

This is truly “The Message of the Message,” consciously extending the life of the body indefinitely. What good is anything without that first?!