Adventures In Self Suggestion

At the end of section 5 in "Masonry and Its Symbols" we read:

Every Mason should open his lodge, that is, begin in the morning the work of the day with the dignity of the opening of his Masonic lodge. He should recognize the stations and duties of the parts and there centers in the body and charge them to see the workman, that is, the elementals in the body, are properly employed. He should recognize that he is the candidate to be initiated by the trials of the day, and that he must pass through them with temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice, so that he may be exalted and receive more Light.

For those serious about extending the life indefinitely the knowledge and practice of self suggestion is prime. We read and know of this from Mental Destiny Sect. 25.

Self suggestion is passive thinking. Passive thinking is self suggestion. The importance of this is seen in the fact that passive thinking leads to active thinking which leads to real thinking. The control of passive thinking leads to real thinking. A central feature of this control is self suggestion. the control of passive thinking leads quickly to active thinking. In passing we can see passive thinking representing the nature side of the Zodiac and self suggestion representing the Intelligent side of the same Zodiac.

In the first example above we see the importance of setting the body and the Self for the day to better know "what to do and what not to do."

In the second example from Mental Destiny we see the importance of self suggestion. Self suggestion is a simple and easy way to accomplish the "Dignity" of the day, in setting the body and the Self for the day.

Below we see the Ancient Charge. This charge is delivered at the opening of many Masonic lodges around the world. This charge is in conformity with what is written in T&D and is certainly written with the Light of Intelligence.


As useful knowledge is the great object of our desire, we ought to apply ourselves with zeal to the practice and profession of Freemasonry.

The ways of wisdom are beautiful, and lead to pleasure. Knowledge is attained by degrees, and cannot everywhere be found.

Wisdom seeks the secret shade, and the lonely cell, designed for contemplation. There enthroned she sits, delivering her sacred oracles. There we are to seek her, and to pursue the real bliss.

Though the passage is difficult, the farther we trace it the easier it will become.

If we are united, our Fraternity must flourish. Let all private animosities, therefore, if any should exist, give place to peace and good fellowship.

United in the same grand design, let us be happy ourselves, and endeavor to contribute to the happiness of others.

Let us promote the useful arts, and by that means mark our superiority and distinction. Let us cultivate the moral virtues, and improve in all that is good and amiable.

Let the genius of Freemasonry preside over our conduct, and, under her sovereign sway, let us preserve a nobleness and justness of understanding, politeness of manner, and evenness of temper.

Let our recreations be innocent and pursued with moderation: and never let us suffer irregular indulgences to expose our character to derision and contempt.

Thus, shall we act in conformity to our precepts, and support the name we have always borne, of being a respectable, regular, and uniform Fraternity.

Percival gives us a number of Mantras in Thinking And Destiny. For example:

"Whatever I think, Whatever I do:

Myself, my senses, be honest, be true."
T&D, Mental Destiny, Sec. 24

This mantra is short and to the point. The Ancient Charge is long and to the point. We can consider the Ancient Charge as a Mantra for the big boys and girls.

As with all of the subjects presented in T&D, the knowledge and application of self-suggestion is far reaching. The question is, after the Ancient Charge, what Mantra would you choose to start your day. This is the same as the first step in real thinking, which is to pick the subject to be thought about.

In the Preface to the first Edition of T&D, Benoni Gattell, while informing us of the many subjects about which HWP spoke, writes:

"Mostly he spoke about the Conscious Light of the Intelligence, which is Truth."

With this statement in mind is seems logical to choose mantras to start the day that best connect us with our Intelligence and this is done through the attitudes and virtues that train us in our use of the Faculties as seen in "Adepts Masters and Mahatmas" by HWP.

The next decision is which of the Faculties to start with. The answer to that question is easily discernable in T&D. We read that the minds are centered in Sagittarius. For our purposes that is the Motive Faculty. This is logical, because Motive is behind every breath we take and every word we make.

As we read up on the training of the Motive Faculty we see what is the foundation of this accomplishment and that is; "… the man exercising this faculty should determine and have earnest desire and firm resolve to right the wrongs at any cost."

This solves the problem of "What to do" and also tell you "what not to" which is anything that does not right the wrong "at any cost." This is in conformity with the words in the Ancient Charge.

There are as many ditties as there are ditty makers: here is an example using the Motive faculty.

With Motive right

With Motive true

I’ll right the wrongs

‘ twix me and you

There are six more Faculties to mantra. Each Faculty has four names and words to represent the attitudes and virtues assumed by one training the Faculties.

For example, the Motive Faculty:

There is a simple mantra to cover the four attitudes and virtues of the Motive Faculty as one.

With honesty fearless

And action true

Freedom is won

For me and for you

The affect of self-suggestion is greatly enhanced if repeated out loud to affect the breath form through hearing and more so through sight if you look at its zodiac at the same time you repeat the mantra.

There are six more groups of words to mantra. There are 28 of these words, four for each Faculty, to mantra. With the Ancient Charge that brings us to 43 mantras. Making the round of mantras to better use the Light through the day is like reading a book of poetry to our breath form and our Brahma.

Actually, by the time you get done all of these self suggestions to start the day it is time to begin the self suggestions to end the day / life.

The charge to close the lodge begins:

"We are about to quit the sacred retreat of Free Masonry"